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B Mac Industrial Packaging is a full-service packaging supplier designed to fulfill all your packaging needs in both Arizona and California. Our full line of products and services allows us to work with partners in virtually every business sector to meet any range of industrial packaging needs. Our professional, courteous sales and service experts can help you source the products that deliver maximum efficiency for your packaging needs at an affordable rate. B Mac can help identify if you need a shrink film machine or carton sealer based on your packaging wrappers, shipping conditions, and the requirements of the end consumer. B Mac offers a variety of packaging equipment, ensuring your shipping needs are properly met. We also sell the highest quality packing supplies including tapes, void fill product, shrink films, poly bags, Industrial hot melt glues, adhesives, Military Spec bags...

Custom Tape Slitting

B Mac Industrial has the capabilities to custom slit tapes according to customers’ specific requirements. We have the precision technique to reduce a 62-inch wide master tape roll and slit it down to 1/2”. Our state-of-the-art slitting capabilities allow us to slit tape with a tolerance of +/- 1/32” or tighter depending on the material. Bmac Industrial also has rewinding capabilities.

Our Tape slitting is ideal for materials including: Adhesive Tape, Application Tape, Banner + Awning, Computer Graphic Vinyl, Electrostatic Film, Fabric, Foam, Magnetic + Reflective Tape, Nomex, Non-adhesive Vinyl, PVC/PE/PP Tape, Protective Film and Window Film

Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment

Whether you need to purchase shrink wrap packaging machines or stretch wrap equipment, call our packaging professionals today. We specialize in center-folded polyolefin shrink film approved for food safety and usable for automatic and semi-automatic shrink machinery. We also offer a variety of films for hand-stretch or machine-stretch applications, and you can choose clear or tinted styles stocked in our Arizona warehouses or can order custom printed designs using your own logo and specifications.

Tape Slitting Services

Custom slitting services convert a wide variety of materials to the exact width you need. By combining our cutting-edge equipment and our team’s years of experience with the tight tolerances your project demands.