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Tempe & Phoenix, AZ Packaging Suppliers

B-Mac Industrial is the only full-service supplier to fulfill all your packaging needs in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona. Our full line of products and services allows us to work with partners in virtually every business sector to meet a range of industrial packaging needs. Our courteous, professional sales and service experts can help you buy shrink wrap packaging machines and carton sealers to protect your products for delivery and retail display, to further the safe preparation of food products for distribution, or offer a variety of packaging equipment for your warehouse operations. We also sell the highest-quality packing supplies such as tape, void fill product, films for wrapping, polyethelene products or corrugated chipboard...

Shrink Wrap Packaging Equipment

High density polyurethane foam is a good choice for packaging needs but it also has surprisingly beneficial applications for medical use, physical therapy and health and fitness. For packaging materials, this hi-tech foam is ideal for filling extra “void” space in your packaging and protecting corners to keep your boxes and cartons looking their best. For health, try our selection of bolsters and foam rollers for stretching and self-massage, half rollers for non-slip exercises, wedges to elevate the body and improve breathing, or knee lift blocks for back and leg stretches in therapeutic settings.

Foam Products

Whether you need to purchase shrink wrap packaging machines or stretch wrap equipment, call our packaging professionals today. We specialize in center-folded polyolefin shrink film approved for food safety and usable for automatic and semi-automatic shrink machinery. We also offer a variety of films for hand-stretch or machine-stretch applications, and you can choose clear or tinted styles stocked in our Arizona warehouses or can order custom printed designs using your own logo and specifications.

Stock Labels

Labels are like a mini-advertisement on every product you sell, and we use a variety of label printing techniques and custom design services to make yours look their best. You can choose from sheeted labels, continuous printing or pinfeed labels and thermal transfer labels. Choose from stock options or order labels in your custom design by calling our local Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona offices today.